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Exposure to asbestos is the single biggest cause of death from work-related disease in New Zealand.

As a commercial building owner, you have a responsibility to protect any tradesperson from exposure to asbestos fibres. You are obliged to know what’s in your building.

Worried about asbestos in your home? Asbestos, a minute fibre invisible to the naked eye, was mixed with many building materials and used in most older buildings in New Zealand, both residential and commercial. The only way to be sure a material doesn’t contain asbestos is by testing for asbestos through a qualified laboratory. To keep suspect materials safe, asbestos sampling should only be carried out by a properly trained and accredited asbestos inspector

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Safe asbestos risk assessment

You can only assess the risk in your home if you have the right information. Andre from Bay Building Inspections will provide accurate information and is fully independent of all asbestos disposal companies. 

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to get the ins and outs on what you’re buying or selling.

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Asbestos management plans

From April 2018, landlords and businesses must have asbestos management plans for their buildings and workplaces. An asbestos management plan sets out where asbestos or asbestos containing material is and how it will be dealt with. It includes a register of all materials potentially containing asbestos.

Want to sell a commercial property? Potential buyers will ask for the asbestos management plan. With the right advice, testing for asbestosos and putting a plan in place doesb’t have to be difficult or cost the Earth.

We’ll carry our testing for asbestos. Following the guidelines and requirements set out by WorkSafe NZ, we can prepare a registry of all ACMs (asbestos containing materials) for you.

Don’t leave health and safety to chance

Exposure to asbestos fibre can occur when materials are in poor condition, such as flaking or crumbling. Renovations can expose asbestos through sanding, sawing, drilling or demolition.

Whether you’re about to carry out renovations on a heritage home, an industrial warehouse or a home built before the late 1990s, you’ll need an asbestos check to protect your family or staff from the asbestos products that will probably be lurking somewhere in the building. 

If you’re renovating or demolishing a building you must always inform all tradespeople if your home contains, or might contain, asbestos. You need to ensure repair work can be undertaken safely or that asbestos removal is performed competently and in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.

If removed incorrectly, asbestos dust is easily ingested into the lungs, endangering the health of you, your family and your staff.

Where to check for asbestos

Main areas where asbestos can be found:

  • roof sheeting, capping, roof ventilators, skylights, eaves/water pipes and flues and manhole frames
  • door and window mouldings, exterior louvre blades, side flashing, and cement downpipes
  • exterior wall sheets and cement cladding
  • interior wall sheets, soffits, baseboards and shingles
  • lino and flooring tile underlays and adhesives
  • insulation lagging for pipes and around the doors of domestic heaters and inside fireplaces
  • fencing, carports and sheds.
How to find asbestos?

Appropriate testing is the only way to identify the presence of asbestos. If you are concerned about potential asbestos exposure, Bay Property Inspections provide asbestos testing, practical safety information and advice on handling asbestos. Call 021 2121398.

What should I do if there is asbestos in my home?

If you are worried that your property might be contaminated, the best solution is for our asbestos inspector to take samples and then have them analysed by a registered laboratory. Building reports will be with you five days from the asbestos sampling.

Bay Building Inspections is accredited to undertake asbestos surveys, approved by Worksafe NZ and all work is 100% independently tested by a third-party laboratory. 

The presence of asbestos within a building or property does not necessarily mean that it will need to be removed. Andre from Bay Building Inspections will work with you so that you understand your safety and legal responsibilities as a business or property owner under the 2018 Asbestos Code of Practice.

Don’t take risks with asbestos. If you have any doubts, get an asbestos check.

Asbestos testing services 

If you are unsure whether your house or building contains asbestos, then talk to Andre from Bay Building Inspections about testing for asbestos. Make an appointment today for your on-site risk assessment. You can be certain that our services meet the strictest criteria for public health and safety.

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Very impressed with Andre. He responded quickly to our enquiry; visited us the next day and we had his report two days later. It was very detailed and gave us a lot of information that we had not been aware of. We would thoroughly recommend him.
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