Meth Testing

Information is a negotiator’s greatest weapon.

P Testing informs

Meth affects families, investors, landlords, tenants and property managers. Worried about meth residue in your potential new home or rental property? Get a P test and put your mind at ease.

P Testing is still warranted

The chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine are toxic and can linger long after the cooking is done. It pays to make sure you know what you’re buying so you can understand the effects and make choices about how you want to proceed.

The purpose of information is not knowledge, the point of information is so you can take the right action. 

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Effective drug testing 

75 per cent of all meth labs are found in rental accommodation. New Zealand Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Peter Gluckman, advised that P testing and cleaning was the sensible option if there was a suspicion that methamphetamine has been produced in a building.

We’ll take composite samples from throughout the building so we can tell you if meth is present and at what levels.

Bay Building Inspections is accredited to undertake P testing, is approved by Worksafe NZ and all work is 100% independently tested by a third-party laboratory. They are completely independent of any meth cleaning companies. 

Building reports will be with you five days from the sampling.

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to get the ins and outs on what you’re buying or selling.

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Health risks are only one of the reasons to get meth tests carried out.

Meth users as tenants can represent significant financial risks to landlords. Tenants who have to choose between paying the rent and purchasing P may find making the right decision a difficult one. P testing can inform you of your tenants’ habits. Replacing carpets and curtains alone, would cost an estimated $10,000 for an average sized rental property. 

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The price of a meth test is a small one when compared to your health and your reputation. 

Renting a property?

As a tenant, the last thing you want is to be labeled with is someone else’ bad habits or the bill for their behaviour. Ex-meth labs have to go through extensive, very expensive clean ups before they are fit for living in. Ensure the property you’re moving into is meth-free. 

Rental inspections

Be informed. If you suspect you may have a meth lab in your rental property, our Bay of Plenty meth detection service is thorough and will provide you with accurate information. 

P contamination testing

P or meth testing is a valuable tool when buying, selling or renting any Bay of Plenty home or property. Avoid any unwanted surprises by having meth testing carried out before you buy, sell or rent.


Andre recently inspected a house for us before auction. Even the real estate agent said she had never seen such a thorough job. Very detailed inspection including roof, in ceiling, moisture testing and underfloor, lots of advice, highly recommended.
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