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Know What You Buy Or Sell

Do you want to make an informed decision on one of the biggest investments of your life? As a vendor, do you want to avoid being sideswiped just as the deal is almost closed? 

Information is a negotiator’s greatest weapon.

When buying a home, commercial building or rental property, you need an honest, unbiased, accurate evaluation from a qualified, experienced building inspector. You need to know what you’re in for and you need to have confidence in the building report you’re paying for: there’s a lot at stake. 

Andre Van Schalkwyk’s job is not to give advice. As a qualified property inspector, his job is to provide information. 

All building inspections carried out by Bay Building Inspections are completely independent, confidential, and in accordance with the New Zealand residential property inspection standard NZS:4306 2005. Call 021 2121398 for your protection against the unknown. 

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to get the ins and outs on what you’re buying or selling.

Building Inspector Tauranga | Whakatane | Rotorua. Building reports you can trust.

Comprehensible reports

With years of experience in civil engineering and property development, Andre Van Schalkwyk has worked on hundreds of  commercial and residential properties. You will get a thorough building inspection written by someone with the skills and experience to translate what he finds in the course of a building inspection into a comprehensive, easy-to-read building report.

You’ll get an affordable property and house inspection, acknowledging the age of a building, identifying the condition of the materials used in the build, any safety hazards, major and minor defects and where and when to budget funds for maintenance. All this will be presented in a legible building report with loads of photos. Andre will always be available to discuss any issues or concerns arising from his findings. 

Information to work with

A complete assessment of a property’s condition allows you to make an informed buying decision. Our building report will give you the answers you can live with. Don’t let a misleading or poorly done inspection make the difference between a good buying decision and a catastrophic one.

Impartial and thorough pre-purchase and pre-sale home and commercial building inspections that clearly state the condition of what you’re buying or selling mean you can make a truly well-informed decision.

Phone 021 2121398 to get your free building inspection quote so you know exactly what you are buying or selling.

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Building Inspector Tauranga | Whakatane | Rotorua | Bay of Plenty

Andre Van Schalkwyk

Andre moved to New Zealand from Namibia with his family in 2002. A qualified civil engineer, his working life began at a multi-disciplinary-engineering consulting business. Andre then went on to work in both commercial and residential property development before becoming a qualified building inspector. Andre has carried out more than 250 building inspections in the last 18 months; inspections that cover residential and commercial properties, asbestos identification and management plans as well as testing for meth.  

Martie van Schalkwyk

Martie will be your first point of contact when emailing or calling Bay Building Inspections for a quote, estimate or advice on any pre-purchase inspections, meth testing or asbestos checks. Martie will let you know when Andre will be available to inspect your property. 

You don’t want surprises when you are buying, selling or investing in Bay of Plenty property. Call 021 2121398 for building reports for both commercial and residential properties.


Super efficient with a fast turn around. Really nice guy to deal with. Very detailed report, will definitely recommend.
Morgan Ball

Fantastic fast service and thorough report. We really enjoyed dealing with them.
Jaclyn Gradidge

Bay building inspector Tauranga | Whakatane | Rotorua. We cover the Bay of Plenty.

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